October 1990  
  Start of the development of Winkin'
September 1991  
  Preview Winkin' 1.0 on Bureau 91.
The first press article on Winkin' in Data News.
May 1992  

Winkin' 1.0, Belgian first administrative package for Windows 1.0 is officially presented to the press.
(13 journalists + the presence of Microsoft).


Winking opts for another distribution method.
Winkin' 1.0 Light via bundling technique with dealers.
Winkin' 1.0 Full via distributor Computer 2000.


Winkin' 1.0 Light came through the bundling technique in the hands of more than 20.000 people!!
More than 13.000 registrations.
Winkin' 1.0 Full was distributed to ± 1.400 users.

January 1996  
  Winking opt to self provide the dealer channel with its new product Winkin' 2.0.
The end users buy via the dealers (leverage).

Winkin' 2.0 Light was sold to more than 1.100 customers (Light was introduced later on the market)
Winkin' 2.0 Professional was installed on more than 1.500 places.

December 1998  

Launch of Winkin' 3.0.
This software package is launched specifically for the introduction of the euro.  

December 1999  

Winkin' 3.0 was sold 1550 times in one year.

January 2000  
  Launch of the Winkin' update subscription.

Winking nominated as 'best European innovative company' for the 'European Award For The Spirit of Enterprise' contest.
April 2001  

Winkin' succeeds as first to display an invoice via Smart Tag in Word.
Along the internet our administrative application is addressed through a Smart Tag.
This retrieves information from an SQL database and converts the data to an XML format.
The returned information is then transmitted via a template and proposed in a Word document.

November 2006  
  Winking was nominated by ICT-Trends Awards for OPTIsend Print.
10 December 2007  
  Winking was nominated for the "Gouden Maan" by JCI Diksmuide for its printer driver.
1 July 2008  
  Winking achieves a Belgian patent for its work method.
20 July 2009  
  Ricoh België concludes an exclusive distribution agreement with Winking bvba for OPTIsend Print.
23 September 2009  
  Ricoh Belgium introduces Print&Share.
16 April 2010  
  Ricoh Netherlands is exclusive distributor in the Netherlands for Print&Share.
31 August 2011  
  Ricoh Europe concludes an exclusive distribution agreement with Winking bvba for the intelligent printer driver.
7 October 2011  
  Ricoh Europe launches Print&Share in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).
14 December 2011  
  Winking introduces Winkin' 9.
16 January 2012  
  Print&Share now also available at Ricoh Spain.
7 February 2012  
  Print&Share launched at Ricoh Italy.
12 June 2012  
  Print&Share available on the website of Ricoh Russia.
8 August 2012  
  Ricoh Germany launches Print&Share.
22 January 2013  
  Print&Share available on the website of Ricoh Germany.
27 August 2013  
  Print&Share available on the website of Ricoh Portugal.
16 October 2013  
  Print&Share available on the website of Ricoh Sweden.
23 October 2013  
  Ricoh South Africa confirms the commercialization of Print&Share during the signing ceremony of the economic mission to South Africa led by HRH Princess Astrid of Belgium.
1 December 2013  
  Print&Share available on the websites of Ricoh United Kingdom and Ricoh Ireland.
June 2014  
  Ricoh Austria makes Print&Share available on their website.