Once Belgian first ever administrative package for Windows.

Today still the reference package for Windows.


1991: Microsoft discovered Winkin' 1.0 and supports the pioneering work from Koekelare.

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Once pioneer, Always pioneer

During more than 25 years, Winking automated business processes for its customers.

As a solution to the many diverse problems in the processing of documents,
Winking developed an extremely unique and universal product.

Print giant Ricoh Europe was so impressed by the concept and
exclusively distributes since 2011 Winking's intelligent print software.


Awards and recognition

WinkingWinner of the Innovation Awards by the Innovation Centre West Flanders and entrepreneurs Center Kortrijk, category logistics and business management with Time Information System software.

Winking • Winking was nominated for the ICT-Trends Awards for its intelligent printer driver.

Winking • Winking nominated by the Junior Chamber International Diksmuide, Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs, for the "Gouden Maan" for its printer driver.

Winking • Winking nominated as "best European innovative company" for the "European Award for the Spirit of the Enterprise" contest, a cooperation with the European Commission.

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Winking is an official Microsoft partner.