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As an ISV, Winking wants to emphasize its leading role in building administrative business software for small and medium sized companies by focussing on the newest of technologies.

From a business-oriented position, Winking has a strong commitment towards its customers, providing them with a platform that offers them the connectivity, automation, optimization and productivity they need to enhance their businesses in the Internet economy.

Why Winking?

At Winking the customer is our number one priority. Our staff can take plenty of time to listen to your needs. After advice and consultation, their expertise and skills can be optimally used for an affordable solution.
As an independent software vendor (ISV) Winking ensures continuity in a world of change. With Winking you have a reliable partner for long-term cooperation.
Winking's agility is an important asset. So can new needs be processed quickly.

Winking Print&Share Strasbourg

From Concept to new Style

Winking thinks critical in the search for solutions. Aping is not on the agenda.
The solutions are usually part of a wider concept.

By our own vision, our software products are often surprisingly clever:
With Print&Share, a multi-function, multi-channel and intelligent printer driver brings Winking a new style in life for printing.

With Winkin’ 9, an administrative software program, Winking fulfills again a pioneering role in a new generation of enterprise software.

Corporate Citizenship

As a company, Winking wants to morally and conscientiously fulfill its task in society.

The Winking Team shares the idea of a healthy balance between profit and value. The enthusiasm in the clientele for our products and team are a reflection.

Our stakeholders or interested parties (Winkin' users, employees, service partners, dealers, ...) appreciate our open culture and transparency.

We give Corporate Citizenship an interpretation by:

  • annual mentoring for students
  • to provide software for mini-companies
  • to provide students with demo software
  • to maintain a family atmosphere with staff
  • to participate in consultation platforms with the Government
  • entering into responsible partnerships
  • confidentiality dealing with customer data during service
  • responding promptly to the new needs of users
  • maintaining contact with both small and large Winkin' users
  • distributing high-quality software
  • incorporating the legal changes timely in our software

Students from these schools were already internship at Winking

More than 30 years we guide students in their internship.
You still looking for an internship? Send us an email!

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